08 June 2008


blessed are the list makers...

the opening line from Virginia Heffernan's article about lists in this morning's New York Times Magazine. and then this sentence closer to the end:

like students of Japanese culture and religious seekers of every variety, people who teach their children at home, it turns out, make lists and swap them and focus on what works with their own families...

and so a list.

good morning things
  • coffee already waiting when you wake up
  • singing "Colours"
  • our girl saying goodbye to the bus driver
  • walking a new neighborhood
  • cats napping in sunny spots
  • people on bikes
  • poached eggs like fluffy pillows
  • breakfast outside
  • more coffee and the paper and the sun coming out
  • drinking milk on the bus

1 comment:

Nana said...

columbian coffee
hazelnut creamer
whimbrels on the beach
terns, pelicans, swallows
loud calls of clapper rails
in the pickle weed
bunnies all sizes
dew on the bench
a parrot
and home
for a second cup