04 December 2007


i had been meaning to write more about our Thanksgiving celebration. but i was looking for a particular picture of the girl from last Thanksgiving. we were in San Diego, of course. and my aunt was down too. we four--Glenda, Barb, Mabel and Kortney--went to thrift stores one morning. i tucked the little one in the sling, and we had a great time. i remember seeing another mama out shopping that day with her small one in a sling. only she had two older children as well. oh my! toward the end of our time out together, we needed to nurse. so i sat down in a chair by the shoes and nursed my baby. when she was finished, Nana came by and snapped a picture. she's smiling and peeking out of the sling, wearing her pink polka dots. behind us, the store's Christmas tree is visible. it's a lovely picture.

i wanted to find it because it was taken last Thanksgiving. and in the circle of the year, we have come back to holidays that Mabel has already been a part of. crazy. and now this year, she really is taking part.

at Thanksgiving she ate so much turkey. she is not a vegetarian! but she also had potatoes and sweet potatoes, brussels spouts, pumpkin pie and ice cream made by her uncle Ben. we enjoyed a very traditional meal. by which i mean the stuffing was Stove Top, the bread was brown and serve, and the cranberries came from a can! and it was so good. at Thanksgiving i really crave those very familiar flavors. lord knows, i've stewed fresh cranberries with orange zest and brandy. and that's good too. but at Thanksgiving, i want what we've always eaten.

and that history, that family is something that fills my heart with thanks.

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